one of those weeks

Monday was so crazy that I put the 11yo in charge of making dinner – alone in the house while I picked up her siblings, luckily she didn’t burn the house down and dinner was good. The 13yo ate that dinner from a plastic bowl on the way to swim practice. And the kids were so hungry they inhaled what was left, leaving none for me. I didn’t have time to eat anything until 9:30pm – and what I did eat was crap.

Yesterday I barely left my car between 3:45 and 6pm. I was driving the kids here, there and everywhere. I was tired and mentally looking for some sort of break and then I realized it was only Tuesday. (I almost cried.) I still hadn’t been to the grocery store so the kids ate a hodge podge of foods for dinner. I had to bake a cake for the church bake sale (why didn’t I just say no this time?) and once again, I didn’t sit down to eat until after 9pm.

This afternoon is a logistical balancing act. If one thing goes wrong it’s going to be like a row of dominoes and the whole evening will come crashing down. I’ll also have to ignore that rule about not eating after getting fluoride because the 13yo will only have a 30 minute window to eat before practice.

My air conditioner broke. We just found out we have to do an expensive landscaping project to change the way our lawn drains because there was water in the basement after a storm last week. And my library books are overdue.

It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. I think I’ll move to Australia.


5 thoughts on “one of those weeks

    1. I’m picking the sandy shores of Lake Michigan instead – it’s far more affordable. And gets me home in time for that logistical nightmare tonight :/

  1. This sounds so familiar, down to the fact that my boys have a dentist appointment this afternoon and then the oldest has a baseball game several towns away.

    One day they will all be grown and we will not know what to do with all our free time….right?

  2. Turn that smile upside down, Lady. We are going to have FUN! I do not take the term “extravangaza” lightly…

  3. I do love the Alexander reference. That’s been one of my favorite books for as long as I can remember.
    Please don’t move to Australia, though. I would miss you.

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