A new way to have fun at my favorite Lake

I love everything about Lake Michigan. I like every part of its shore. I like hiking its dunes. I like sticking my toes in its waves. I like sitting in its sand. I like looking at it in all seasons. And now I can say that I like running along its trails.

This week a friend and I did something that we’ve talked about doing for months. We blocked off a morning and drove to the dunes and ran on nearly 8 miles of trails. I asked my trail running friend Sarah to recommend a route. She sent me a map with fun directions like go through Paradise Valley and when you get to the fence, turn around.

Proof that we went all the way to the fence before turning around.

We hopped over fallen branches and ducked under sagging trees. We ran down boardwalks where the ferns and flowers brushed against our legs. We climbed wooded hills and sandy dunes. We did some running, some walking and some scrambling in the sand. We made random strangers take our picture.

We dumped piles of sand out of our shoes. We let the waves of Lake Michigan wash off our dirty toes before we left. It took us nearly two hours and it was time well spent in so many ways. I can’t wait to go do it again.

Who’s in?

7 thoughts on “A new way to have fun at my favorite Lake

    1. There’s got to be some good trails in the St. Joe area. Get that leg strong again and we’ll set a run/hike/lunch date!

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