Memorial Day weekend is such a tease

I didn’t bring my camera this weekend. I didn’t check any emails. Instead, I spent my long weekend soaking up sun, watching youth baseball, going on boat rides and laughing while watching my kids go tubing. It felt like summer all weekend – and not just because it was ridiculously hot. The days were long. The swimming was refreshing. And the kids fell into bed at the end of the day with sun-kissed cheeks.

And then this morning they all have to get up and go to school.

It seems a little mean to give the kids a big dose of summer fun only to drop them back into a desk. We’re getting out of school earlier than ever this year (no snow days to make up), but they still have three days of classes this week. In the case of the oldest there are presentations and final tests to worry about. In the case of the younger two it’s a bit less stressful but it still requires alarm clocks and far more sitting than they’d like to be doing this time of year.

I haven’t really thought about summer – beyond planning out our vacation and camp schedule – but after this weekend, I’m ready for some quiet mornings and lazy days. I will still be working of course, but this weekend reminded me to include plenty of downtime to play with the kids. I’m ready for summer.


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend is such a tease

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt like it was a tease. I hated to complain about getting up this morning because, hey, I just have to get through this week… but my heart and mind kind of thought summer was already here.

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