my how time flies

I am lucky enough to work from home. Lucky to be with my kids for breakfast, to walk them to school and to greet them when they walk home. I am also lucky enough to have found just the right balance of helping at the school but not being over-involved. I don’t go to every party. I try really hard not to go on any field trips. I do like to help in the classroom when opportunities arise and I pop in for awards day.

Even picking and choosing, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the halls of our elementary school. And in just two more days, I’ll only have one kid left in those halls. When we first moved here that kid rode in a stroller while we walked his sisters to school. In the fall, he’ll be the only one at my side.

The end of holiday parties, handmade Christmas gifts and spelling tests is just a few years away. And I realize just how quickly those years will fly. It doesn’t feel like six years since I was pushing my last stroller yet in six years from now I’ll have a child in college and those elementary halls will be far behind me.

I used to have days filled with going to the park to play, to the library for story time, on a walk to get some fresh air before nap time. I seamlessly transitioned into days filled with sports camps and practices, summer band and a near constant parade of sleepovers.

I have always said I enjoy each stage that my children go through. I love accompanying them on the beginning of their life’s journey. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that I wished time moved slower… but there is a part of me that wishes it didn’t move quite so fast.


One thought on “my how time flies

  1. I hear you!
    This week I took A to her first audition for choir. AUDITION!!! It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were at those ‘mommy and me’ music classes. And now I’m squeezing her hand and giving her a reassuring smile as she walks alone into an AUDITION?! Craziness.

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