My new kicks

I bought new running shoes this week. This may not seem important to you, after all I buy new running shoes a couple of times a year and I’ve never felt the need to mention it before. But this time was different. I still had at least a month in those shoes before I needed to trade them in. So why did I feel the need to go buy new shoes?

Possum guts.

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, I’m still shuddering in disbelief.

Tuesday afternoon I met up with the lovely Erin for a run. We were both looking forward to catching up and it would be our last afternoon run of the school year. It was a little warm but all-in-all there were really no complaints on our simple little four mile jaunt. That is until approx mile 3.3.

At that point, a car drove by and we were splashed/splattered by something. It seemed like a car of teenagers. High school had just gotten out for the day so I turned to yell – assuming they had thrown a drink at us. It sounded like a Big Gulp had hit the street… or maybe a can of pop… but as I turned there was no beverage in sight. In fact, the only thing in sight was freshly splattered roadkill. And then I looked down and realized my legs were covered in splashes of blood and… well, what I can only assume were possum guts and/or brains.

That’s when we staggered into the grass, exclaiming our utter disbelief that such a thing really happened. We tried to clean some of the more disgusting spots with handfuls of grass. Then we staggered home. I kicked off my shoes outside, I knew they were gross but I just couldn’t deal with it until I had cleaned myself off and consumed a beer. Thus fortified, I went out contemplating how I was going to clean my shoes. And that’s when I realized that the shoes had chunks of something embedded in the shoelaces and mesh.

I couldn’t handle it. Even if I hosed them off outside and ran them through the washer, I was pretty sure I’d never be able to touch the laces again. And what if some of that “something” got in my washer?!? (excuse me while I go dry heave again)

So that’s the story of how I ended up at the running shoe store about six weeks earlier than budgeted. And every time I look down at my shiny new shoes I’ll give a little shudder and try to get the image out of my head.

6 thoughts on “My new kicks

    1. Yes… I think I may have nightmares about this run forever.

      I usually replace my shoes around 400-500 miles. I start watching the treads around 400 and when they start getting smooth in spots, I know it’s time. Or if my feet or knees start hurting during runs then it’s time. I will keep the old shoes as my back up pair and wear them on rainy or trail runs. I always have two pairs in rotation.

  1. My shoes have been way too loose the last two runs because I haven’t been able to really touch the laces too much to tighten them because I keep thinking of the guts and the grossness. I need to just break down and buy new shoes!

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