An expert juggler

It’s going to be that kind of week. I squeezed in my run early this morning. Because starting at 8:30 I was rousing and feeding and pushing children out the door. One in basketball camp. One in summer band. One in baseball camp.

I quick like a bunny made it to the grocery store before I had to pick up the kids. How quick? So quick I literally drove home, shoved all bags with refrigerated items into the fridge, and headed straight back to the high school to start picking up the kids. First summer band. Then baseball – which ran long. And the basketball girl is old enough to find my car in the parking lot and wait for me. (whew)

30 minute break in which I try to feed the constantly hungry 7yo enough food to see him through his afternoon camp but not so much that he throws up on the wrestling mat. We’ll see how I did when I head out to pick him up in in an hour.

What do I do in the two hours while he’s at wrestling camp? I try to work. I try to start laundry. And I try to return a few calls. We’ll see how successful I am at that in an hour also.

Tonight just involves one kid at practice which will feel like a relief because later this week I’ll still have that whirlwind of a day plus dance recitals, dress rehearsals for said recital, and baseball games.

I can’t juggle balls (or even scarves) worth a darn. But kids? I am a juggling expert with them.


2 thoughts on “An expert juggler

  1. I so relate to this post. Coordinating and driving kids to or from soccer, choir, basketball, band, and drama (and I’m sure I’m missing something, like a dropped ball) is both joy and crazy-making. It also requires a well-kept calendar, working clock and a lot of communication. Thankfully, about a month ago I got a reprieve when my oldest got her driver’s license. It’s like getting to throw the ball instead of juggling it.

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