Cooking? Who has time to cook??

This week is about to do me in. I’m driving the kids so many places that I’m gone all morning and often don’t have more than 15 minutes of time to get things done until sometime after 1pm. I’m barely keeping up with laundry and as far as cooking goes? Well last night one kid microwaved herself a pizza, another ate a sandwich before baseball and a piece of pizza from the concession stand after baseball, another got the oh-so-healthy McDonald’s eaten on the bleachers and their parents… well I got a fried egg sandwich at 9:30pm and my husband ate cereal.

There’s just no time to cook this week much less think of a new recipe to share. I did cook a couple of new things last week… I’ll dig one of those successes out for next week’s Food Thursday. Because this week’s cook has officially tossed her hands up in the air in defeat.

Looking for some dinner inspiration? Check out my page of all-time favorite recipes.


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