Friday smiles

I’m up early for a run. Running before it gets up to 92. Running before my morning is literally sucked away by driving the kids to & fro. Running before the day really starts. I’m tired but getting up early for a run is almost like adding an extra hour to the day. That makes me smile. What else is making me smile on this TGIF?

– Remembering the look on my daughter’s face as she performed in her dance recital last night. I’m not going to lie, it was a long night, but she literally lights up when she’s on stage. It’s fun to watch your kid have that much fun.

– A solid week of training. There was running and biking and swimming this week. My body is working its way into that tired training mode and I like it. The next half marathon in my quest for a half every season is just 12 weeks away!

– An afternoon where I tossed away the obligations and sat on the deck with a glass of wine.


4 thoughts on “Friday smiles

  1. Happy Friday!

    Your girl looks great & like she’s having a blast 🙂 Great job getting up for that run, too (I type as I still lounge in bed at 8:30 am).

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