Oh Monday

It’s not just any Monday around here. It’s the Monday before a week of vacation. It’s a Monday where I’m in full planning mode to make sure I wrap things up with work, get the house in order and pack/prepare for next week’s fun. It’s exciting and mildly stressful all at the same time.

It’s the kind of Monday meant for lists. I’m starting a list of errands that have to be run, a list of things that need to be packed, a list of projects that need to be completed. I might need to buy more paper.

Since I’m in full-blown list mode – you’re getting a list today too.

Things I’ll be thinking about on today’s run…
aka let’s see how random Barb’s brain really is

1. How many bottles of sunscreen do I need to buy for our beach vacation?
2. What should we have for dinner this week?
3. What do I need to tell J to help prepare him for his first plane ride? He & his father are joining us at the beach a few days late so while the girls and I are driving, they are flying.
4. Should I experiment with our route when driving next week? This is our 6th year in a row of making this drive.
5. When am I going to get back to a hot yoga class? I have a Groupon that needs to be used up.
6. Which reminds me… I need to plan a date night because I have another restaurant Groupon to use this summer.
7. How many times will I be at the ballpark this week? I need to make sure I buy loaded nachos one more time before the season ends.
8. I wonder if I have time to squeeze in a pedicure this week while the kids are all at VBS?
9. I wish I had running sunglasses.

Okay, that’s enough with the list. I need to go run before it gets so hot that I pass out and don’t even get to go on vacation!


2 thoughts on “Oh Monday

  1. I’m already starting to think some of those things and my vacation isn’t until July & I’m going away alone!

    You and your family are going to have a fantastic time!!

  2. I always wish that I could tweet my thoughts while I run, because they’re often random (except this morning–they were just angry and hate towards running).
    I definitely feel like your week needs pedicures and nachos.

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