Mother Nature forgot to turn the furnace off

alternately titled: Looking for grace in all this humidity

I live in a land where the weather is always a topic of conversation. Every season we have something to discuss about the weather – it’s too hot, too cold, too fickle, too wet. It’s one of the joys of living in the Midwest. Those of you that live in SoCal with your consistently sunny weather – you are missing out on a guaranteed conversation starter. So let me jump right on the weather bandwagon – it’s unbearably hot. So hot and humid that even swimming doesn’t help. So hot and humid that even a 5:30am run brings sweat rolling off every part of my body. So hot and humid that I’d like to hide in my cool house and never leave (except that would require noticing exactly how messy it’s gotten around here).

When you can’t walk out to get the mail without sweating, it’s easy to be grouchy. I, however, am the Pollyanna of our house (it’s true). (stop laughing) So *I* shall now find grace in this oppressively hot week.

– Cold beer with good friends.

– Surprising my children by going down the water slide at the pool this week… more than once.

– A 3.5 hour nap. We were up past midnight on the 3rd and I got up at dawn to run on the 4th of July. By 10am I was crashed out. I literally took a nap before J even woke up for the day. I take approximately three naps a year so when I take a nap, I try to make it worthwhile.

– Pouring over a map (a real, live, paper map) with my son and showing him the routes we’re taking on the Great American Road Trip II. The countdown has officially begun.

4 thoughts on “Mother Nature forgot to turn the furnace off

  1. I am trying to not complain about the heat, because I am a summer girl. I know that in the dead of winter, I’ll be wishing for this heat. Still, that 4th of July 5k took more out of me than a half marathon. That said, you’re right… there’s a lot good about this heat, like the ability to eat poorly and blame it on the heat. “Oh, I only feel like nachos and frozen margaritas today. Yeah, I’m just not very hungry. It’s heat!”

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