true mom confessions

Sometimes I turn off my alarm and let myself doze off again. That happened this morning. It’s a luxury I can’t afford during the school year but today I decided I could run a little later and my work calendar is fairly light so I don’t have to put in much time before the kids are awake. As I was lazily lying in bed I felt a little guilty for starting my day out lounging. Then I realized that as a mom, I could feel guilty of things all day long:

Confessions From A Mother

– Sometimes my children eat cereal for two out of three meals.

– This summer I’m letting my 13yo play on her kindle and phone in bed before she falls asleep.

– This summer I’m also very lax in enforcing bedtimes and screen time limits.

– If food falls on the floor I almost always let my children eat it anyway.

– I don’t ask my children to make their bed every day – or ever.

– My children have “explicit” songs on their ipods.

– None of my children could tie their shoes before kindergarten.

– Only one out of three kids could ride their bikes by 1st grade. (and one of them still can’t)

I’m sure I could keep the list going. I also realize that in the big picture, my confessions aren’t so big.


5 thoughts on “true mom confessions

  1. YES! I am reading this while I sit in my bed with my little kiddo and my big kid eats toaster waffles. I should be running. My big kid is listening to Katy Perry and singing Peacock, cock, cock at the top of her lungs. I am feeling the Just say No to Guilt vibe. πŸ™‚

  2. As I’m typing this, Tommy is sitting on the bed next to me (naked) watching the iPad. I haven’t even thought about teaching Luke to tie his shoes. He can ride his bike without training wheels, but he did that one all by himself, so I can’t even really count that one as a win. πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t think Amara can tie her shoes. Or maybe she can but velcro is so much easier.
    My child was up past 10:00 for 3 consecutive nights. That’s never happened before.
    She had McDonald’s and mini donuts for lunch yesterday.
    She also has songs on her iPod that I wish she didn’t. When those songs play, I strategically cough so Hubs doesn’t catch on.

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