A morning storm

I didn’t wake up extra early today but I still planned to do an early morning short run. As I was stretching and getting out of bed, I thought I heard thunder in the distance. I checked the radar and saw a huge storm moving our way. And now, as I’m typing this it is literally getting darker by the second…

not just storm dark, middle of the night dark…
a wall of black clouds barreling across the sky…
two minutes later, the wind that is pushing those clouds so quickly hit the house like a hammer…
then the rain arrived – blowing sideways.

It looks like a hurricane outside my window but I don’t live anywhere near the ocean. Part of me thinks the dark sky will help my kids grab some extra sleep. The rest of me is just waiting to hear feet running down the stairs any minute.

This is a very odd start to the day. Makes me wonder what else might be in store on what I thought was a mellow Tuesday.

An expectation has been set as I wait for the storm to pass.


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