My head is in the clouds

Sometimes there’s something in the air that gives me a flashback to a different time and place. This morning as I walked outside for an early morning run that happened. It felt just like it did when I walked out to my car in the parking lot of our hotel in West Yellowstone, Montana. And then I realized that two weeks ago today I was walking out in that parking lot and packing up my car to drive to a landscape I’d never seen before.

Two weeks ago today we arrived in Glacier National Park.

And drove the Going to the Sun Road.

It was breathtaking – both literally and figuratively. As we walked up the steps to the visitor’s center at 10,000 feet my kids noticed that they were out of breath. I would love to spend more time in that park. To go on a hike that lasts all day. To once again put my feet in a glacier-fed lake. I hope I get that chance someday.

So today, while I’m doing laundry and writing copy and buying school supplies – I’ll be thinking of this view and smiling because that’s a memory my family and I will have forever. My head is in these clouds today.


3 thoughts on “My head is in the clouds

  1. I spent a week exploring Glacier a couple years ago (several great hikes/rides through West Glacier, North Fork, Going to the Sun Road, Waterton, Canada-Goat Haunt, USA, St. Mary, Many Glacier, Two Medicine…), and it was just beyond incredible. What a beautiful part of the country!

  2. I wish I could have spent a month. I hiked many miles, but I kept thinking about all the ones I didn’t have time for! I would go back in a heartbeat.

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