Another last blast of fun

It’s all fun all the time over here. If you don’t believe me just come take a look at the state of my house-cleaning, the piles of unfolded (but clean) laundry that the kids have been digging through for days when they need clean underwear and the backpack that is lying on the floor of my room still not unpacked from the Great American Road Trip II. I don’t have time to do anything beyond the basics because I’m trying to squeeze in as many last blast adventures as possible!

Last week I told you about our canoeing trip. Then on Friday we went to Navy Pier to play on the rides and watch the Chicago Air Show practice while waiting in line to tour battle ships. It was a picture-perfect day in many ways. Our traditional day in the city is one of my favorite last blast adventures.

Then on Sunday we went to my second favorite large Midwestern city: Indianapolis. We met my college roommate and her adorable five year old son at the zoo. Another day with beautiful weather and lots of laughs.

We had a great visit but here’s the thing that struck me the most: 21 just a few years ago, on this same weekend, the two of us were moving into our dorm room. We were laying out our yellow shag carpet remnant, watching our fathers put together our lofts and making last minute runs to Target for forgotten necessities. This weekend we were watching our kids race cheetahs, riding on the zoo train and making my 13yo laugh and see her mother in a new light as she heard some college stories. Our circumstances have changed but one thing hasn’t – she still makes me smile (and shake my head) all day long.

It was extra fun to have one of our last blast of summer adventures alongside the person with whom I ended every summer during my college years.


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