A hike to remember

The last blast of summer continues all the way up until school starts! Yesterday, Jack and I went to the dunes for a long hike. It was a beautiful day for it and it was something we had talked about all summer. I was disappointed (and frankly hurt) that neither of the girls wanted to go along. I thought about forcing the issue and then realized that if they complained the whole time it would ruin it for me. So I left them behind for a solo adventure with my favorite boy.

He didn’t complain one bit. We hiked for two solid hours with no breaks other than a minute or two at the top of some dunes to catch our breath and drink some water.

He also talked for two solid hours. And then I decided that I was kind of glad it was just he and I. If his sisters were there I never would have had discussions like:

– “If you could be really good at building sturdy buildings or building tricky booby traps to keep people out of buildings, which would you choose?” (For the record, I chose sturdy buildings and was told that was ridiculous.)


– “If you ever need to build a flame thrower, I think I can figure it out because I watched them build one on The A-Team.” (A show to which I have recently introduced him, thank you Netflix. Now I just have to figure out when I might *need* a flame thrower.)


– Why or why not the woodpecker we heard might choose to peck on his head instead of a tree.


– How could glaciers make something like Lake Michigan and something like Glacier National Park when they look so different?

And that’s just a sample. When you get my son going, he pulls all sorts of interesting things out of his head.

I loved every minute of it.


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