Food Thursday: Back to School Breakfast

It’s 6am on a Thursday and my waffle iron is on. That can only mean one thing: it’s the first day of school. It’s our tradition to have homemade, chocolate chip waffles on the first day of school. This food post isn’t about a specific recipe, it’s about food and traditions.

See, my kids don’t care if I use a mix or literally make them from scratch. What matters to them is that I take the time to mix up some batter, pour it on the waffle iron and make them a fresh, hot breakfast. These weekday waffles mean a fresh start, a new beginning while also singling a return to routine and yelling at friends down the hall and carrying backpacks out the door.

That’s a hefty weight for a 4×4 square – even if it is fortified by chocolate. Don’t worry, the waffles can handle it. There’s a reason that food is the center of so many traditions.

Traditions make the everyday special. Traditions are the fuel of future memories. Traditions draw us together.

We’ll have waffles on countless Sundays this year but I bet none of them taste quite the same as these first-day-of-school waffles. Have any beginning of school traditions of your own to share?


2 thoughts on “Food Thursday: Back to School Breakfast

  1. I love this idea. But I don’t love my kids enough to make them waffles at 5 am on the first day of school since that’s when they need to be awake 🙂

    Our food tradition is birthday brownies – none of us really like cake (although I’m a sucker for really good cupcakes) but we all love brownies and brownie sundaes.

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