A summer of memories

We packed it in this summer. From sports camps to sleepaway camps. From lovely beachside vacations to Great American Road Trips. From lazy days on Lake Michigan to last blast of summer adventures. From surprise ice cream trips to loads of baseball games. In the past two weeks alone we have:
– spent the day riding rides at the county fair
– gone on our first canoeing adventure
– spent the day in Chicago at Navy Pier during Navy Week and watching Air Show practice
– spent a day at the Indy Zoo with my college roommate & her son
– hiked a dunes trail along Lake Michigan

I honestly think this was one of our best summers ever. How do my kids remember it?

Here are their favorite memories from the summer of 2012.

13 year old
1. Virginia Beach – I am sad we can’t go next year.
2. Great American Road Trip II – once in a lifetime trip. I’ll never forget seeing all those crazy things.
3. Hanging out with my best neighbor, sister-friend
4. Going to Navy Pier on a last blast of summer adventure. The swings were so fun.
5. Not having any homework!

11 year old
1. Virginia Beach
2. My first trip to summer camp!
3. GART II – specifically, the Badlands, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. Oh! And Craters of the Moon.
4. Being a lazy butt occasionally… okay most of the time.
5. Going canoeing for the first time.

7 year old
1. Playing baseball
2. GART II! There was so much stuff to see but my favorites were probably Mount Rushmore and Glacier National Park.
3. The dunes hike we just went on – I felt really proud of myself when we were done.
4. Virginia Beach – it is so fun to go somewhere else and live for the week. And this year I got to fly there on an airplane for the first time!
5. Being a bat boy for my Dad’s 12yo baseball team. Especially during the All Star tournament – I even got a trophy.

Summer of 2012 – you were very, very good to us. Looking forward to a school year filled with new challenges and more good times.


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