The real first day of school

Yes, last week was the first day of school. Backpacks packed with fresh notebooks and unused pens. Pictures taken in the morning. Great smiles and glee as we caught up with friends.

But today is the real first day of school. The alarm feels too early. There’s “nothing good” for breakfast. Even the weather has caught on to the mood – it’s gloomy out there. We’ve already had our first fight about homework. I’ve already heard my first complaint about not wanting to go to school. The bloom has officially fallen from the rose.

I keep reminding everyone that half the battle is your attitude. If you believe that today is going to be horrible – it will probably live up to your expectations. If you believe that today is full of promise and good things – you will most likely find that to be true. It’s hard to listen to that if you’re busy throwing tantrums about your hair though.

They get up too early now for me to have much quiet time of my own. Instead they fill my mornings with grumbles and stomping feet. I try to be as much like Pollyanna as possible – but mornings like today exhaust me.

One thought on “The real first day of school

  1. My kids don’t start back until next week but K already has her first dive meet tomorrow and D has been doing homework all summer for his AP language arts class. Even so, I think next week is going to be very rough on 2 teens who have been sleeping past 10am every day!

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