not a bucket list exactly

I have a list. This should not surprise you since I have fondly talked of my list-making tendencies before. This list has been in my head for a while but last week I took some time to write most of it down on paper. (that makes a list real you know.) It’s a list of things I’d like to do. I’m not talking about big, crazy adventures like sky diving or climbing Mount Everest. I’m talking about driving through town and seeing a pretty path and wishing I could ride my bike on it.

Let’s call it a sand pail list.

I won’t share everything on this list but some of the items include:
– go kayaking
– sit on the beach and read with no kids who require watchful eyes
– run the trails at Taltree in the fall when the colors are blazing

See? Nothing huge. Nothing that’s hard to accomplish. It’s mainly a list of things for which I need to make time. So this fall, I’m making a concerted effort to carve out some of that time. I don’t need to take a whole day off for most of my list. I just need to make sure I am responsible and productive so I can afford a little bit of sand pail list time.

Yesterday I was very productive with an eye on today. And today I will check something off my list (I won’t cross it off, after all I may want to do it again). Today I will drive into Chicago and run along the lakeshore path. I’ve done this before as part of a race but today it will be a leisurely run. And today I will run north of the river. I will gaze fondly at the Gold Coast high rises and make up stories about living in one some day. I will gaze out at my favorite Great Lake and enjoy its views. I will pretend I live in the city with big shoulders for a few hours.

It will be grand.


4 thoughts on “not a bucket list exactly

    1. Thank you! I just returned from my mini-adventure and it will make me smile for days to come. It’s amazing what a difference five hours can make!

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