Preparing for another half marathon

I’ve got a half marathon on the schedule for Saturday. It will be my third half of the year – 3/4 of the way to my goal of running a half marathon every season in 2012. That means I’ve basically been in training for double digit runs all year long. It’s been a fun challenge. And that’s what I’m always looking for – a fun challenge.

The weather isn’t looking so favorable for a PR this weekend but I’m not always out there running for a time goal. That drives some people crazy, I know, but for me the race is a complete experience. The race is:

– a reason to train and train hard
– a challenge for me and me alone – yes even when I’m running alongside thousands of other people. I’m not looking to beat people, I’m looking to cheer people on and push myself to a new limit.
– an exciting day surrounded by other people who also like to run
– a chance to bond with my friends and to share an experience
– proof that I can do things I never thought possible

Don’t see any mentions of pace or awards in that list do you? It’s because I have nothing to prove to anyone. I’ve only been running for three years. I think I’ve accomplished a lot in those three years: a handful of 5Ks, a 10K, a couple 15Ks, three going on four (and soon five) half marathons, a full marathon and a handful of triathlons. And I’m proud of those accomplishments. Very proud. But that’s not the only way I measure my running.

  • Have I gained closer friendships through running? Without a doubt.
  • Have I learned something about myself? Most certainly.
  • Have I had fun? You bet!
  • Have I set a good example for my children about leading a healthy lifestyle? Yes I have.

That’s why I’m running this weekend. The half marathon is a long race. There will be a point where it isn’t easy but I shall dig deep and finish strong. And no one can ever compete with that or take it away or break that record.

This half marathon is all mine.

P.S. If you’re in Indy and want to come cheer me on I’d love to see you and hear your voice! I’m running the Indy Women’s Half Marathon Saturday morning. Course info here.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for another half marathon

  1. Go Barb Go!! I love your attitude. Totally going to adopt this philosophy for my next race, because I need to focus on the fun aspect and not the time for awhile.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how this one goes! I love your attitude. I’m dreading my 12 mile run this weekend. Absolutely dreading it, but reading this is giving me a new perspective on it. So thank you.

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