My weekend in numbers

I was watching the Republican National Convention last night on CNN. They had a ticker across the bottom that constantly displayed facts and numbers about the speaker. In that spirit… here is my holiday weekend in numbers:

  • 2: number of hours I’ll be driving today to get to the race expo for the Indy Women’s Half Marathon
  • 13.1: number of miles I’ll be racing tomorrow morning… potentially in torrential downpours courtesy of the lingering effects of Hurricane Isaac
  • the power of 2: aka Barb squared 🙂 because this half marathon will be run with my good friend Barb by my side. We ran my first half marathon together back in 2009 and this weekend marks her comeback, nearly a year to the day after the birth of her adorable 5th child.
  • 1: large Diet Coke I will drink on my way back north after the race
  • 60: people coming to my house on Sunday… the day after my race… the day I hope to not be wincing too much with every trip up & down the stairs
  • 8: in the a.m. – the hour at which I need to start cooking & preparing food for all those party guests
  • 3: the minimal number of hours I anticipate needing to clean up from the big bash on Monday… though it may also be the time I collapse from complete exhaustion after this weekend

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