Just say thank you

I updated the September dry erase calendar this weekend. It is an explosion of colors, so packed with activities that when people walk past they stop and exclaim. Once school starts that tends to happen. Swim practice. Fall Baseball. Cheerleading. After school meetings. Our days and weeks are so very busy.

It can be stressful but I try not to let it be so. Like I tell my children, you cannot always control what’s happening around you but you can always control your reaction to it. I try to focus on the present. To truly be *with* my children even when I’m dashing to and fro. I find that when I try to escape the present – to focus on what needs to happen tomorrow for example – that things start to get a little dicey, I start to get a little snappy, stress starts creeping in.

It reminds me of a Bible reflection that I read a few months ago that talked about God’s mighty deeds. The point of the reflection was to notice God’s deeds around us every day (something I try very hard to do) and to “live in the sacrament of the present moment.” I think that’s a beautiful idea. That our present moments are “sacraments.” It somehow makes the cooking and cleaning and homework-tending a little more tolerable, doesn’t it?

So just as things are starting to pick up speed, I think it’s a good reminder to try and pause today – just for a moment – to notice God’s presence in the world around us and give thanks. To not try to plan too far in advance, rather to focus on the present (I accidentally typed “presence” there… a Freudian typo that makes me smile). It’s a pretty good stress relieving trick this noticing the sacrament of the present.

I’ll take one more thing from that Bible reflection before I stop writing today – before my day starts to get hectic. It’s a quote from Meister Eckhart:

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”


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