when a short week seems long

Labor Day gave us a short week; however, it seems like Friday has taken forever to get here. Probably because of how busy the weekend was I suppose. Run a half marathon on Saturday, entertain 100+ people on Sunday and you’re likely to be a little more tired than usual. It doesn’t help that I’ve been staying up too late because I just discovered Downton Abbey and can’t stop watching it.

So for me, short week or not, it’s felt like a long, tiring week. Rather than drag my way into Friday, I’m going to shift my focus. Yes, it’s time for a Grace in Small Things post:

– Soft feet and purple toe nails. My personal reward after last weekend’s half marathon.

– Lunch dates that are filled with conversation and end with hugs.

– Fall baseball that brings a huge smile to my son’s face… and thus to mine.

– A comment that made me happy in many ways: “We are spoiled in this house at dinner, most of my friends eat food from a can or box all the time.”

– Shady streets for running on hot, sunny days.

– Dark chocolate, caramel with sea salt squares.

– Large Diet Cokes.

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