school picture day

It’s school picture day. Let me show you how this rolls in our house:

Girl #1 (13yo): Has outfit picked out a week ahead of time and knows exactly what to do with her hair. As long as everything goes precisely according to plan, it is an easy morning. If one tiny thing goes wrong however, you should duck & cover because it’s probably going to be your (and by your I mean my) fault.

Girl #2 (11yo): AKA the worst decision-maker in the house. AKA the girl who loves to accessorize. She has been encouraged to pick out her outfit for days but as of the night before has not narrowed it down to less than five options (most of which are scattered on the floor of her room, she’s also the messiest kid in the house.) Each outfit has multiple components so I ask her to tell me what one thing she’s most excited about wearing. Her answer: a scarf. That narrows it down a little. I then ask her to pick a scarf – she picks three. I then ask her to pick one solid color shirt. She does so and I realize I’m going to have to leave the scarf options for the morning. I do however, insist that she nail down what she is doing with her hair. We set her alarm 20 minutes earlier than normal to (hopefully) manage the inevitable changing of her mind. And we haven’t even dealt with earrings yet.

She’s upstairs right now. If I have time, I will update this post later today and tell you what happened.
UPDATE: Getting up early made a big difference, she didn’t feel rushed and was able to try multiple combinations of scarves & earrings. I managed to not let her see my eye-rolling. Happy to report no tantrums and she was ready with nearly 10 minutes to spare!

Boy (7yo): I don’t care that it’s picture day.
Mom: Please just don’t wear a sports jersey. And if possible, not a t-shirt with writing all over it. I’d really like it if you picked out a shirt that was also appropriate for church.
Boy: Does it have to have a collar?
Mom: No.
Boy: pause… to give me *that* look… Fine.


3 thoughts on “school picture day

  1. HAHAHAHAH…..sorry. Went about the same in my house only picture day was before school started (in HS they take them early so they have their ID’s before school begins). K went to a friend’s house so her friend could straighten her hair. D didn’t give a rat’s pattootie what he looked like but realized the day before than none of his nicer shirts fit and asked to go shopping. *cue mom falling on the floor*

  2. We haven’t had picture day yet, but the first day of school was something like that. There were warm-weather and cool-weather options, each with their own shoe possibilities… thank goodness we’re not into accessorizing yet!!

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