grudge worthy?

My husband and I met in high school. From time to time our high school yearbook is pulled off the shelf and inevitably, the next 30 minutes involve my husband laughing at me because of how few of the people I remember from our graduating class. In all fairness, he went to school with these people his entire life. I went to Catholic school through 8th grade and approximately nine of us went to public high school together. Combine that with the fact that I took a lot of honors classes (read, classes with the same group of kids) and I didn’t meet a lot of people in high school.

Or just call me unfriendly. Whatever.

Last night the yearbook was out and he happened to grab my copy. After we finished flipping the pages and playing the “how many people does Barb not remember game” we looked through the signatures. Reading through the signatures on your high school yearbook, particularly your senior year high school yearbook, is an illuminating experience. My theory is that most of these people will never see you again so they’re finally going to say whatever they want.

The majority of the signatures in my yearbook are complimentary of course and many of them reference silly highlights from our time together. But all in all, there are far fewer of the “you’re so sweet and I’m glad I got to know you” posts and far more of the detailed, airing it out posts in the senior yearbook. We chuckled at a few posts. A few others made me smile as I remembered certain people and events that we shared. And then it happened… there was a post with no last name attached and I have no idea who it is.

The post says (in large bubble-ish writing):
You are so sweet and Im so glad we had art together, thats what brought us closer. As you can see I dont hold a grudge long. Youre great. I hope you and Matt are together forever. Love ya! Jenny
[editor’s note: typed as it was written with no corrections]

Jennifer might well have been the most popular name the year I was born. There are at least six Jennifers in my graduating class. Some of whom I don’t recall ever going by the name Jenny. Others who (at the risk of proving my husband right) I don’t remember one bit. And I suppose this Jenny could have been from a different class altogether.

I didn’t take a lot of art classes so you’d think that might narrow it down but it doesn’t. We were apparently drawn “closer” but I have no clue who she is. Why am I so hung up on this Jenny? Because she says she doesn’t hold a grudge… and what in the world did I do to her that might have been grudge worthy?!?!? It’s driving me nuts.

So Jenny – whoever you are – I’m glad you felt that we bonded over charcoal pencils and pastels. I’m sorry for whatever caused you to hold a grudge, albeit a short one. Then again, we were teenagers so I’m guessing the whole thing was pretty trivial. I hope your handwriting isn’t so bubbly and that you are better at using apostrophes.


2 thoughts on “grudge worthy?

  1. You are so me. Whenever someone from HS adds me on Facebook, I inevitably have to message a friend of mine and ask who they were. I swear I wasn’t that big of a jerk… I just don’t remember people.
    I do want to know who Jenny was and why she held a grudge!

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