requests from my kids

Children are naturally inquisitive, boundary-pushing beings – it’s one of the things I like most about them (though the boundary pushing can be a bit much some days). It is literally in their nature to keep parents on their toes. Sometimes their questions are the fun big ones: Why is the sky blue? Sometimes their questions are ridiculous: Why can’t I eat these cookies as you’re setting the table for dinner? Sometimes their questions are quick glimpses into the world of their thoughts…

1. Can you tell me which of these teeth is looser?

2. Can you please put Butterfly Kisses on my ipod?

3. If you were a boxer, what would your favorite kind of punch be?

4. Why can’t I sleep all day?

5. Can I please go to Lisa’s house tomorrow? And then Saturday can I have Rachel over for a sleepover? And then Sunday afternoon can I go to Julie’s house?

6. Why is it always so cold down here? (or hot, apparently the temperature is never just right when my middle child wakes up)

7. Why do I have to clean my room?

8. Why are you so mean?

That last one is my personal favorite. I love coming up with answers for it.


One thought on “requests from my kids

  1. These are great! Tommy is in the inquisitive stage lately, but because he is three, his questions are so absurd that we usually can’t come up with an answer for them. For example, “Why is that school bus crying?”

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