running myself into the ground

I am so excited about this week’s workout schedule. One of my goals for the fall is to get back on a more well-rounded schedule. Instead of running all the time with the occasional cross training workout, I want to get back into yoga, pilates and weight training. This week I did almost exactly what I set out to do:

  • Monday: run 4 miles (And I picked a trail run too!)
  • Tuesday: run 3 miles and do weight work (I ran 1.5 miles to the Y, lifted weights, did some abs, then ran the 1.5 miles home.)
  • Wednesday: hot yoga & 3-4 miles of speed work (I sweated like a maniac at hot yoga in the morning and then sweated my butt off doing 3 miles of speed work at night for a nice double workout day!)
  • Thursday: cross training & pilates (Hoping for another double workout but it didn’t happen. I did swim just over .75 mile in the morning but pilates at night didn’t work out.)
  • Friday: long run – which this week is 6 miles

Then I get the weekend to do whatever I want. My exercise might consist of walking around the streets of Chicago. It might include a long, easy bike ride. It might include lots of laying on the couch. If I accomplish all of my weekly goals I’ll have plenty of miles in the bank and seven workouts in five days – my reward will be a weekend with no planned physical activity.

I like this plan very much and I’m hoping to stick with it for a while. But I have to admit, this week is kind of kicking my butt. I don’t know if it’s because I added in so many extra things all at once. Or if it’s because the weather has changed but I’m coming down with something. Last night I crawled into bed at 9:15 and was out cold by 10. I still got up at my normal 5:45 but I seriously contemplated getting out breakfast food and leaving a note telling the kids to fend for themselves so I could go back to sleep.

I’m beat. My muscles are all tired. There’s a very decent chance that after today’s long run I will want to take a nap. That’s an unusually low level of energy for me. Here’s hoping it’s not because I pushed too hard.

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