What I did instead of a triathlon

A few weeks ago I asked all of my lovely Internet friends to help me decide about doing a fall triathlon. After reading your comments and tweets, I decided I was going for it – lack of training and all. But when I went to register and flipped open my calendar I realized that I wasn’t going to do that triathlon. I had set aside this weekend as an early anniversary celebration with my husband. I already had hotel & restaurant reservations in Chicago. Our anniversary is two weeks away but this was the only weekend that we could get out and do something together.

I didn’t register for the tri. Instead, I spent an afternoon wandering the city and hanging out in an Irish pub. I got all dressed up and went out for the most incredible dinner I’ve ever tasted (so incredible it deserves its own post). I looked at the view of one of my favorite cities as the sun set, as the night lights twinkled and as the sun rose off the Lake. I went out to my favorite breakfast place and even convinced my husband to walk the 3+ miles back to the hotel – through Millennium Park and (conveniently) Crate & Barrel.

I felt very spoiled. I enjoyed hours of alone time with my husband. Instead of a weekend of swim/bike/run, I had a weekend of laugh/drink/eat. It was a good trade.


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