seeking fear

That title makes it sound like this post is about Halloween. It’s not. I like nothing scary in my Halloween, thankyouverymuch. This post is more about adrenaline and pushing one’s boundaries. I could have titled it:

Pushing myself beyond myself

At any rate – here’s what my rambling mind is thinking about this morning. (I could title every blog post *that*.)

Last night I was thumbing through a magazine when I came across an article by Katie Couric. In it, she talked about why she’s continuing to try new things. And it’s because the fear of the unknown excites her. And this part of her article is stuck in my head:

Leaving my comfort zone…was terrifying, but it was also incredibly exciting. Have you ever noticed that those two feelings often go hand in hand? Over and over again, I’ve found that the times I’ve felt the most alive happen when I’m a little bit afraid. That fear is what energizes me. It’s the signal that I’m pushing my boundaries and redefining myself.

So succinctly put. That’s what I’m seeking. All the time. That’s why I first signed up to run a half marathon… and then a triathlon… and then a marathon for goodness sake. That’s why I set out goals that almost seem un-achievable. Because believe me, every time I’m at that start line I’m a little afraid… and amazingly energized.

Seeking out those challenges – and they don’t have to be physical – is what keeps me active. I’m always looking for the rush. The rush of a personal goal… a personal challenge… overcoming a bit of personal fear. Because (and this is something Katie said but also something I tell my kids regularly)… what’s the worst that can happen? Chances are the world will keep turning. My family will still love me. And in the end, I’ll most certainly have learned something new about myself.

Fear is good for me.


One thought on “seeking fear

  1. I love this, so much. I felt this setting out on Friday. Run 14 miles? That’s crazy! I’ve felt this with every new distance, but there’s such a rush in conquering that fear, in owning it. Wonderfully said.

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