dark mornings

The school mornings are dark these days. The girls move a little slower as they stumble downstairs for breakfast. The oldest barely grunts in response to my quiet good morning. The middlest still comes in for a hug but her eyes are barely open (and she still has fabulous bed head in case you’re wondering). The youngest is lucky, he can sleep until he wakes on his own, until the sun is shining down on us.

As much as I like the cool, crisp air of fall… her colorful display… and even the fact that fall is ushering in the season of winter… I do not like these dark, dark mornings.


3 thoughts on “dark mornings

  1. I don’t like the dark mornings either. I just want to stay snuggled up in my warm bed. The thought of trying to get in morning runs when it’s this dark is also quite depressing.

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