the colored gems anniversary

Today is my (and my husband’s of course) 18th wedding anniversary. Yesterday I was at a family baby shower and my anniversary was mentioned. The general response was “No way it has been that long!” Oh yes it has:

That’s us making our quick change getaway from the reception. We didn’t leave early though – this was taken after our friends passed the hat around to keep the DJ another hour. We weren’t leaving that party until it was over! The hem of my wedding dress was black when I handed it to my mother that night – black from being dragged across the dance floor for hours on end.

It’s funny though. Saying *18* sounds awfully close to 20. And 20 years of marriage seems really long. That’s a good thing of course, but it definitely falls in the category of “how did I get this old.” I can promise you that 18 years ago today, when I woke up from very little sleep and dug through my closet to find a shirt that buttoned up so I could take it off later without messing up my fancy hairdo, I had no idea what to really expect. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

We’ll go out to dinner tonight and I’ll eat more than I did on this night 18 years ago (there was far too much dancing to be done on that night). After dinner we’ll pick up our oldest from swim practice and head home to tuck the other two into bed. As much as I loved our early celebration in Chicago a few weekends ago, I have to admit that tonight is just about the perfect way to mark 18 years.

I’m lucky in many ways and, even though he tends to ignore a messy kitchen, my husband is one of those ways.


4 thoughts on “the colored gems anniversary

  1. Congratulations!!!
    And look at what babies you were!
    Isn’t it amazing? I was looking back at pictures of the Mr. and I and it doesn’t seem like THAT long ago, but then I see what we look like and wow!

  2. I loved the pictures too. Congratulations on 18 years ~ that’s fantastic!
    My wedding reception was all about the dancing too. I’m sure my list for the DJ was the longest of my wedding lists.

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