my prayer theme

Each weekend I go to Mass. I walk in the church and bless myself with holy water. I follow my children into a pew. I lower the kneeler and I stop time. For those few moments I do nothing else but open my mind and heart to God. I ignore the child kicking the kneeler. I pretend I don’t hear the children whispering to each other because their “special prayers” are always done before mine. I take some time to thank God for each of those children and for the husband at the other end of the kneeler. And then I take some time to focus on a specific topic.

Each month (give or take a week) I give myself a prayer theme. Sometimes it is dictated by the time of year but most often it is an inspiration that has struck me in a Bible reflection or that I’ve heard in the troubles or joys of a friend. This month my prayer theme is reminding myself that I am God’s instrument. That my job is to channel His blessings and with faith to focus on my health and my happiness so that I can do His tasks.

I like this prayer theme so far. It’s a good reminder to not let myself focus on negative things. To not get bogged down in judging and to not let myself be frustrated by the actions of others. It reminds me to turn my focus on what I can *do* – and I am a woman of action so that is right up my alley.

I pray that my children are open to God’s will – that they too will see themselves as a channel for God’s blessings.

I pray that my family & friends will feel the special joy of God working through them.

I finish by naming people specifically, to raise them up in prayer either because they are close to my heart or because I know they need extra prayers.

And then I make the sign of the cross. I sit down and place my hand on the knee of the child who is kicking, giving it a gentle squeeze as a sign to stop. I raise my finger to my lips and shush the talking children. I prepare to both finish my week and start the next one with my priorities in the right place. Because I need that refresher and that reminder each and every week.


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