Bound to happen

I’ve been killing it with my training/work out schedule lately. Getting in double workouts at least once a week. Going to hot yoga classes. Pushing out some nice long runs for my upcoming half marathon. Killing. It. In the past 10 weeks I’ve only had 3 weeks with less than 20 miles running (and one of those was my recovery week after a half marathon race). I’ve been so happy with the way I’ve balanced things out and still pushed hard.

So of course I got sick. I don’t get sick very often (don’t worry I threw salt over my shoulder when I said that). And when I do get sick, I am the queen of denial. Friday I woke up with a scratchy throat – no big deal, I lose my voice from throat infections a couple of times a year. It makes me sound awful but I feel fine. Friday night I couldn’t sleep because of a headache. Saturday morning I convinced myself to push on through – so I ran 11 miles and then sat outside in pouring cold rain for two hours. And while I don’t think a long run and sitting out in the rain can make a person sick – I’m not so sure they are smart activities for someone who is sick. (But I was denying it, remember?)

Well, by Sunday even my stubborn denial caved in. So my training this week – the peak week of training for the half by the way – is shot. I didn’t run yesterday. I will not run today. I am hoping to get out tomorrow and still planning for my 12 miler on Friday.

I know I’ve got the distance in my legs for this half marathon. Plus it’s a Disney event so I won’t be worrying about pace at all. And it’s the fourth of my goal half marathons this year so I want it to be a huge celebration. But I still hate it when my training schedule goes awry.


4 thoughts on “Bound to happen

  1. Take care of yourself. Seriously. You have plenty of base right now to cover the distance and a week of missed workouts won’t hurt you since you aren’t planning to run this for a PR or anything. ((hugs)) and sendng virtual chicken soup

  2. Even though it isn’t the cold and the rain that makes you sick, it DOES lower your defenses, especially when you are already on the edge. I have gotten sick after two of my last races (one of which I stood around in the cold after…remember 😉 Also, remember the breakfast? yummm…….). You are working hard and you are right, it is bound to happen when you push yourself. It is a fine line between optimum training and health and the other side.

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