cobwebs in the corners

I just looked up and noticed a cobweb in the corner of my office. I’m sure there’s at least one cobweb in at least one corner of every room in my house. And popcorn kernels under the couch. And more than one dust bunny under the beds.

I never claimed to be Heloise the Happy Homemaker.

There are Legos all over the floor of my den. The table in the front room is covered with crayons and paper from yesterday afternoon’s creative explosion. Books are lying on the couch, the fireplace mantle, the dining room table and the piano bench.

There is an afghan tossed on the couch and the pillows have been rearranged a bit to accommodate the unusual naps I’ve been taking this week (I’m officially sick and it is exhausting me). My son has taken over a corner of the living room with a large pillow and cozy blankets – he’s calling it his reading corner, so I’m letting it stay at least until I get around to vacuuming this week. And don’t even dare walk into either of my girls’ bedrooms.

Yep, it’s a well-lived-in house (I prefer that term to messy). Oh, I run through the important cleaning chores each week – my bathrooms and kitchen are scrubbed, my floors are vacuumed etc. It’s messy – but not dirty. There is indeed a difference.

Yesterday when my children came home from school there was the warm, welcoming smell of soup in the crock pot and pumpkin bread baking in the bread maker. Both appliances sharing a counter with a pile of unread magazines, a broken angel statue and our latest breakfast book selection.

I don’t think they mind the mess one bit. They are comfortable in this house and I’ll take that over sparkling and clutter-free any day of the week.


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