Just a morning

I woke up to a damp chill in the air. It feels like a day where that will linger. I’m glad I decided not to run my long run today after all. A day like today calls for a warm cup of tea, not a 2+ hour run that ends in me shivering.

The girls woke bleary-eyed but with no complaints. They too noted how very dark it is these days in the morning. We’re all ready for the time to change. They each sat down with their breakfast and a book. After which, they each stumbled upstairs, entered their bathrooms and promptly blasted some music. When you’re 11 and 13, music helps you get ready in the morning.

The boy woke up an hour earlier than he had too. Poor kid, his bladder does that to him at least twice a week and if he hears other people moving around he never goes back to bed. I’ve been known to hear him wake up and quickly shut off the lights and stop moving just so he will think no one else is awake yet. The things parents do.

Soon I will empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and start some laundry. I will read to my son while he eats breakfast. I will pack him a lunch under close supervision to make sure I put enough food in there. I will examine the weather to see if we will walk to school or if I’ll be driving him.

It’s just an ordinary morning. No tantrums. No last minute rushing.

Just a morning that I wanted to capture because some day my mornings will have far less activity and far more quiet in them.


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