my legs are sore and other random thoughts

I ran 12 miles on Saturday and my legs are still sore today. Not “limping up the stairs sore” just “get really stiff when I sit still sore.” It’s kind of a good feeling.

Yesterday was the first day I honestly felt like I had my normal energy back since I came down with strep throat last weekend.

I ate at McDonald’s twice this weekend. And while I enjoy an occasional Quarter Pounder fix – that’s kind of gross.

But the McD’s was worth it because that’s where I picked up my silly niece and adorable nephew for an unexpected weekend visit.

My 2yo niece didn’t want me to take out her ponytail at bedtime Saturday night because her “mommy made it.” So I didn’t.

I’m going to a middle school band concert tonight and a middle school spell bowl tomorrow night.

Related: my corkscrew will see a lot of use this week.

I am going to try and talk my friend into including a trail run for part of our run today. Or I could just surprise her, she always goes wherever I tell her to anyway. My running friends are good to my control-freak, route-planner tendencies.

I found a new quote to add to my list of favorites: “One should always be a little improbable.” ~Oscar Wilde


2 thoughts on “my legs are sore and other random thoughts

  1. I hope you get a trail run in! Just watch your footing, lots of leaves on the trails right now.

    And Middle School events in general, require self medicating…before, during and after.

  2. I totally agree with Sarah – middle school events definitely require use of a corkscrew, if for no other reason than because middle schoolers are so screwy.

    Hope you have a great run today. You don’t want to run 13 on Saturday with me, do you???

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