interrupted sleep

When you decide to have kids, one of the things you’re also agreeing to is having nights of interrupted sleep. Oh sure, you expect little sleep when they are infants. And maybe you even expect to be woken up fairly regularly when they are toddlers. What you don’t realize is that the interrupted sleep happens at just about any age.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got it pretty good. I can go a whole week without being woken up in the middle of the night. But I bet I rarely go two weeks. There’s a storm or a leg cramp or a bad dream or the wind is blowing just right… the reasons are many and varied. But last night I had a brand new one. I was woken up by a board game.

J came in my room at 1:07 a.m. And here’s our conversation:

J: Mom, the Star Wars noises in my room keep waking me up.
Me: Star Wars noises? What are you talking about?
J: R2-D2 is screeching and there’s beeping noises and they are sounding rapidly and I can’t sleep.
Me: Is it on your ipod? Is your ipod in your bed and you pushed something? I’ll admit that while I wake up very easily, usually before the kids are even at bedside, my sleep-fogged brain was having a hard time understanding this one.
J: MOM! It’s a board game, the Star Wars board game and it won’t stop making noise.
Me: Okay, okay. Let’s go upstairs and figure it out.

We enter his room and, of course, there’s no noise. J might have even mumbled precisely that under his breath as he threw his tired, frustrated self on his bed. But he said it was a board game so I went to the shelves in his closet and started picking up boxes. The third box I touched squealed, beeped and whistled. AHA! The culprit had been found.

It even says “realistic sound effects” right on the box.

The metal tweezers were stuck in one of the holes and thus sounding off as if the game was being played. I removed the offending tweezers from the “lodged lightsaber” hole and brought the game downstairs for good measure.

I can honestly say, in 14 years of parenting, this is the first time I’ve been woken up because of a board game.


2 thoughts on “interrupted sleep

  1. This is definitely a new one, although it’s safe to say that I have probably added up more interrupted sleep than I ever thought I would in the past three years!

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