A month of gratitude

Tis the month of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. I like it because the celebration at its core is very focused. There are no mad dashes for gifts involved and the only thing people tend to go overboard on is the food. (and is that really so bad??)

Most of all, I like this holiday because I think it’s a wonderful excuse to consciously think about being thankful before we rush headlong into the Christmas season. And in that spirit I’m going to use each Friday this month for a gratitude post.

I am especially grateful for… Friends

  • Friends who move their schedules around to keep me company on long runs
  • Friends who reach out and say hello whether it’s by text or email or in person, it’s always nice to hear from a friend
  • Friends who share their book recommendations
  • Friends who I’ve barely met (if at all) yet who reach out with support or a smile via Twitter or DailyMile or some other wonderful online avenue
  • Friends who listen to me vent and agree with me so I don’t feel like I’m crazy
  • Friends who understand when I say “there isn’t enough wine in the world”

Whether near or far, friends are our own personal community. And like any community it needs to be maintained and cultivated and donated to and supported so it can thrive. I try to do all of those things for my community of friends and for those who do the same, I am grateful.


6 thoughts on “A month of gratitude

  1. Saw you at Another Mother Runner’s site. Thanks for sharing! You mentioned that you never run without your Garmin or Orthotics. I’ve been dealing with PF for over a year now and I’m curious perhaps if orthotics would do me some good. What type of orthotic do you use?

    Thanks, Gina

    1. I had PF and ended up tearing a tendon in my foot. Went to a podiatrist and had custom orthotics made – best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve tried off the shelf versions and none of them work for me.

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