putting my ducks in a row

I’m going on vacation in three days. My children are not joining my husband & I on this trip. This means that not only do I have vacation brain this week – making sure I have no loose ends with clients, making sure the house is clean, checking the weather to see what I should pack. I also have to make sure Grandma knows the game schedule, the CCD routine and the morning carpool route. And did I put her down as an emergency contact/approved person at my son’s elementary school??

I woke up three times last night and each time I thought of something else to get done. For the life of me I cannot remember any of those things now.

I need to vote today and in uncharacteristic form there are a still a few races where I need to make my decision. I am not a last minute kind of girl so this is weighing on me. I’ve got errands to run before I can leave. And on top of all that this vacation involves a half marathon so I need to figure out what I’m wearing on race day and then squeeze it into my carry on. I can buy new clothes to have fun in Disney World but I am not running 13.1 miles without my regular shoes and running bra.

house cleaning
emergency permission letter
client notifications
packing lists
airline confirmations

I have a lot of ducks running around and I need to get them all in a nice, neat row before I leave. And for my sanity. And for the sake of a good night’s sleep.


4 thoughts on “putting my ducks in a row

  1. Have a wonderful trip! Such a flurry of activity before every trip, am I right? Praising God with you for this fun vacation!

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