conceding mother of the year

This weekend, I’m going to Disney World without my kids.

I’m missing J’s first basketball game of the season.

I’m missing E’s end of year cheer showcase extravaganza – oh, and I’m the head coach for her team.

(I’m not missing anything of K’s but she’s 13 so I’m sure she’ll come up with some way that this trip is damaging.)

Disney’s Coast-to-Coast Half Marathon Challenge takes on a tricky twist when you’re a mom on a budget that doesn’t allow you to bring the kids along.

But here’s the thing – they are all okay. I keep expecting to feel crushing guilt. Okay, I did when the showcase dates were originally changed to fall on my half marathon weekend. I even tried to figure out some way to take a red-eye home just hours after my half marathon to try and get back in time. It wasn’t feasible and while I think my daughter was initially just as upset, she seems fine now. She’s just excited for her performance – as she should be. As am I.

J is even more laid back about the whole thing. “You’re going to miss a game? Whatever, there will be more.” Then again, he’s the third kid so his expectations have been managed since he was an infant eating dinner on the pool deck while his sisters had swim lessons.

I’ve been waiting for the sad puppy dog eyes. Instead, I’ve gotten a few semi-sarcastic comments about mothers who torture their children by visiting the most magical place on earth without them. I fully expect big hugs and wishes of good luck when I leave Friday morning.

I love my kids.


4 thoughts on “conceding mother of the year

  1. I’ve already gotten the “you’re getting to go to Disney twice this year and we haven’t gone!” I told my kids, if they were willing to run a half marathon, they could go too. Pretty safe bet for me 🙂

  2. My husband and I are going to run our first 1/2 marathons at the Wine & Dine too!! We are HUGE Disney fans and feel a little funny about not going with the kids–but then think about all the food & wine we’ll enjoy that they just couldn’t appreciate and the opportunity to both run and we got over it. I am a new runner (started in March) and am excited and nervous and proud to be running! My husband’s next goal is a coast to coast… but we’ll see when that fits into the budget. Good luck Saturday night!

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