Call me the run date ambassador

I’ve got a run date set for this afternoon. And another potential run date set up for Friday morning. Last week I had a run date with two friends the day before I left for my Disney Half Marathon weekend. I love run dates. They are the perfect way for me to catch up with my friends while also getting in my workout. I’m a big believer in hitting two birds with one stone, you know.

Lately I’ve been joining my husband as he takes long walks at night. It’s not a “run” date but it follows the same philosophy. We get some time to ourselves, we can catch up on our day and – as the ultimate added bonus – we get some exercise.

  • I think run dates are the reason I keep my sanity some days… weeks… months.
  • Run dates are a great way to vent – you can even yell on a run date because you’re outside. And I’ve been known to gesticulate wildly with my hands (I have a tendency to talk with my hands) and I figure it’s just added exercise.
  • Run dates are the perfect multi-tasking activity. I’ve planned events, rehearsed a conversation I need to have and more all while running.
  • You can go out for pancakes after a run date and not feel guilty about it.
  • You an also drink a beer after a run date and pat yourself on the back for replacing needed carbohydrates.

Run dates are good for body and mind. I’m convinced I’ll live longer because of these run/walk dates.


5 thoughts on “Call me the run date ambassador

  1. Yummm….pancakes…..
    I think I need a donut run date. I just keep thinking of donuts today…..
    And I love that you are able to keep running fun by having these “dates!” So often, running can start to feel too much like something that you “have to do” instead of the great thing that you “get to do.” These dates are awesome ways to reconnect with that.

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