Foggy outside & in

My kids are on a two-hour fog delay this morning. I tiptoed upstairs and turned their alarm clocks off and then came down and laid in bed for another 30 minutes. I didn’t really sleep but I figured I have so few opportunities to be lazy that I should take advantage of this one.

The fog is thick enough that I couldn’t see the houses across the street at first. I can just now see the outline of them. It’s fitting for my mood today. I’m feeling a little foggy in my head too. Too many things are cluttering my thoughts. I do believe it’s time for a random thoughts blog. Things that are notable but not quite worthy of a full blog post:

  • My kids came home from CCD this week with a small jar to collect change. My oldest said, “Mom this is the strangest project. We’re supposed to collect change and the church is going to rip up the carpet and make a floor with it somehow?!?” Oh blonde-child-of-mine… the change will help *fund* the carpet replacement. They aren’t actually making a floor covering with our quarters and dimes.
  • I was looking for some old photos and in the digital age that means clicking through my photoshows. Of course I got a bit nostalgic looking at pictures of my kids from 7 years ago. But what made me sad was realizing how often I used to take pictures for no reason at all. I have a set of E & J having a tea party. Another of the kids having a dinner picnic. Yet another of the kids doing a craft project. Did I have more time on my hands to play or did I just take more pictures because little kids are so cute? I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but I think I need to make an effort to take more everyday pictures.
  • My 8yo brought home info about his upcoming school music program. It’s a “holiday” program and he is supposed to wear dress clothes. Specifically “not ‘play’ clothes. NO JEANS or ‘advertising’ t-shirts. Students are asked to wear ‘holiday colors.'” Excessive use of quotation marks aside, that’s a lot to ask of an 8yo boy who attends public school and lives in athletic pants or jeans. Plus in my tiny, non-diverse town “holiday” really means Christmas (let’s not fool anyone). But since she’s trying to be all politically correct I think I’ll send my kid in blue & white for Hanukkah.
  • My husband made mac & cheese with hot dogs in it for lunch this weekend when I wasn’t home. The kids were shocked and insist they’ve never had it. (but I’m pretty sure they have at least once… I mean I don’t always cook from scratch.)
  • Also on the list of things my children have never had: a Twinkie. Well the oldest has had one that she remembers but the other two don’t think they ever have (and I know I’ve never bought one for them). The youngest doesn’t even know what one is. I’m not sure if I should be sad or proud about this fact.

That’s enough randomness for one morning. I think I’m going to make up some pumpkin waffle batter to surprise my kids on their school delay morning.


5 thoughts on “Foggy outside & in

  1. As a kid I always had hot dogs cut up in my mac and cheese, but I don’t do that for Amara. Must try.

    Yesterday I scoured the mall looking for the long sleeved black shirt (with no logos, embellishments, etc) Amara needs for her Glee Club ‘holiday’ performances. No luck. I tried the boys’ department, I tried looking for black long underwear…. I ended up buying her a ladies size XS at the gap. And then had a tear when it fit my baby (sleeves were long, otherwise it’s totally do-able).

    Next up is finding clothes for the ‘holiday’ concert at school – 60’s gear. I think – hooray! She has a hot pink ‘Pink Ladies’ jacket from tap class last year… except they would like the 60’s gear to be in holiday colors like red, green, silver, or gold. Good luck with that!!!!

  2. I’m late on commenting but just had to agree wholeheartedly with the “hate having to buy stupid dress pants that my son will never otherwise wear so he can participate in the concert”. I have run into this same thing with both pants and shoes- one year they requested NO ATHLETIC SHOES! What else does my son wear? myself and several others sent our boys in crocs! HA! (probably not the shoes the chorus teachers were hoping for!)

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