Family Traditions

I love Thanksgiving. I love its food and its family time. I love that we have made it a holiday that lasts all weekend without feeling rushed or crazy. And I love that Thanksgiving is the sort of holiday that is different for each family because of their own traditions. Here are two of ours.

New Tradition

A few years ago when I first started running I talked my brother into joining me for the Drumstick Dash. It was a fun run in a great neighborhood of Indy. An odd distance (4.5 miles) with a shortcut in the middle if you didn’t feel like running the whole thing. Last year my whole family joined us for the run and we noticed that it was very, very crowded – even though it was cold they had nearly 15,000 runners. This year the weather was beautiful and they were predicting close to 20,000 runners. This cute neighborhood was not built for that kind of race and we had no desire to run a crowded course, where it would be difficult to park, difficult to find each other afterwards etc etc. So we made our own new Thanksgiving Day tradition: the Turkey Tramp. A three-mile run on the bike path that runs through my brother’s neighborhood. I loved starting our day by getting outdoors for some exercise.

Old Traditions

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Pajama Pant Friday. It’s the best holiday of the year! We played games, watched movies, ate turkey noodle soup, had the annual Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Challenge and, of course, wore pajama pants all day long.

Traditions new and old – that’s what made the holiday wonderful. Family traditions rock.


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