And now I owe my priest

I’m having one of those weeks where every minute of every day is carefully scheduled. One minute falls out of place and it’s like a row of dominoes… and then I throw my hands in the air and pour an extra large glass of wine that night. Figures that I’ve been slow at work for about two months and things pick up in what is already the busiest month of the year. Oh well, it’s a good problem to have I suppose.

But so far – so far – I’ve kept things all in balance. I know it’s not December yet but if I can keep up this pace all month, I’ll be a multi-tasking rock star. (I’ll also be exhausted but that’s another story.) Back to my story. Every minute of yesterday was a carefully orchestrated affair:

  • 5:45 Up, breakfast laid out on counter for the kids, logging into computer. I actually managed to write a blog post, read the newspaper, eat breakfast, get both girls out the door and still bill almost an hour of work by 7:30. Sweet!
  • 7:30 Make breakfast for the boy, read his breakfast book, make 2nd helping of breakfast for the boy and read some more. Pack his lunch, help him get ready for school and get myself ready for yoga class.
  • 8:45 Walk J to school and drive to yoga studio, arrive early which is an unusual treat. I check my email before going in to class.
  • 9:30-10:45 Yoga
  • 11:05 Arrive home and take a shower (because after sweating & shaking my way through hot yoga I needed one).
  • 11:20 Leave for lunchtime Advent study group (yes, showered and dressed).
  • 11:30 Inhale lunch because I was starving. Read, listen, discuss and attempt to slow down my brain enough to absorb some Advent reflection.
  • 12:45 Realize I have a 1pm conference call that I will be late for if I don’t leave the study group before the final prayer. Make my quiet goodbyes and bolt back home.
  • 12:58 Realize I left the restaurant without paying for my lunch.

Yes, that’s right. I stiffed my priest with my lunch bill.

But I didn’t miss my conference call.


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