A December goal

My husband laughed at me this weekend (probably more than once but this is the only one of which I am aware). I told him that since my current run/bike/swim mileage is 915 for the year; I’m going to try and get 1,000 before the year is out. He immediately noted that I have 1/10th of my goal to achieve and 1/12th of the time in which to do it.

He has a point. I probably should have decided earlier than 30 days before the end of the year to shoot for 1,000.


My mileage total is by far mostly running – there are even a few months in there with no cycling mileage which surprised me. Swimming doesn’t contribute much with just 1-2 miles a month. December will have to include more cycling because I’m just not going to pound out double digit runs all the time (my non-training plan is still in effect). But I think this is fairly achievable. Just enough of a reach to keep me motivated in the midst of holiday preparations but not so hard that I’m going to fall over in exhaustion on New Year’s Eve.

At least that’s what I’m hoping. Even if I tackle a big race goal in the future I don’t see my annual total ever being this high again so I figure I should shoot for the 1,000 while it’s within reach. Wish me luck! I’m kicking it off with a long bike ride this morning – if it’s going to be 68 degrees in December, I might as well take advantage of it.

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