Advent calendar

I love Advent calendars. I remember having them most years as I kid – the paper kind from Hallmark with 24 tiny doors. Open a door each day and discover a quote, or maybe an excerpt of the Christmas story or sometimes it was full of miniature pictures. I found great satisfaction in opening each door. Nice and orderly, the paper makes a little snapping sound when you open it… love it.

I bought one once for my kids. They didn’t seem to care so much. In fact, I think I opened the doors most of the time. We have an Advent calendar that is a box filled with drawers and in each drawer there are pieces of candy. They prefer this instant gratification Advent calendar as opposed to the paper variety that builds over time. It’s a shame, but obviously they aren’t the only ones because those paper calendars are hard to find.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend of mine about an online Advent calendar. It’s not quite the tactile joy of the paper Advent calendars but it’s pretty darn good. You enter your email and each morning you receive a well-written, humorous note with a suggested act of kindness. It’s not the tactile sensation of a paper calendar but it’s lovely all the same.

The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar – making my morning email a little brighter this month.


2 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. We were JUST talking about this at my house last night. Amara has the advent calendar with the drawers for each day too. On busy days she gets a piece of chocolate or candy, and on days with more time she gets a note that tells her we’re going to do something fun – rent a movie or make a craft or something (I blogged all about it last year). It’s fun, but exhausting some days.

    My brother is visiting, and he and I were telling Amara about our paper Advent calendar. We opened a paper door each day to read a few words of ‘T’was the night before Christmas’. Except we used the same one EVERY year so there was no satisfying snap of paper opening. Amara couldn’t believe (and in hindsight neither could my brother and I) that we actually got excited about this! That we had to take turns each day! My brother laughed about he always “let” me go first so that he got Dec 24th – a picture of Santa.

    What a thrill.

  2. Taking turns opening the same doors year after year… that’s priceless! And I do love your Advent calendar idea – maybe even more than the old-fashioned paper kind. 🙂

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