Christmas in the city

I love living so close to Chicago and I try to take advantage of it once a month (I’d be there more often if I could). And Christmastime in a big city is even more fun than usual. The lights everywhere, the decorations on the buildings – even the skyscrapers get into the act with red & green lights shining. Usually I take the kids into the city during the day which means they miss some of the atmosphere. But yesterday a Christmas miracle happened…

we had a weeknight with no plans.

(I’m not kidding, that should qualify as a miracle.)

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to Chicago for dinner! The kids could see the lights. There wouldn’t be any crowds so dinner would be a snap and we could linger at the decorated windows of Macy’s on State Street. And thanks to Daylight Savings Time with its getting dark at 4:15 – we could even do it all and be back around bed time!

I am happy to report that my plan worked like a charm!

Dinner at the famous Walnut Room.
Dinner at the famous Walnut Room.
Christmas windows
Christmas windows
Even a visit to Chicago's Christkindlmarket!
Even a visit to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket!

3 thoughts on “Christmas in the city

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! I love seeing what you do with your kids because it’s a glimpse into what we can do when our kids are older. And while I certainly don’t want to rush that growing older, it’s nice to know that we can extend the magic of Christmastime for them, just in other ways than what we do now.

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