An update of random

I miss weekends. You know, two days in a row where you have fewer obligations. Days where you get to sleep a little extra. Nights when you get to do a little something special. Instead, my weekends are filled with taking children to & fro, shopping for Christmas, working, cooking, cleaning. In short, my weekend looks an awful lot like every other day of the week. Bah, humbug.

I am the kind of grocery shopper that plans out the meals for a week and brings a detailed list (in order of aisles) to the store. This week I’ve been uninterested in making nearly every meal I planned to make. That is poor planning. It requires more trips to the store. And shopping at 5pm with all the other tired mothers and husbands sent on after-work errands makes me want to scream at the old lady with the walking stick who won’t get out of my way. That’s not acting in the Christmas spirit.

(Don’t worry I didn’t scream at her. Though I might have sighed loudly… hopefully she’s hard of hearing too.)

I warned you in the title that this was going to be random.

On a happier note, my non-training plan is still going strong! And I’m marching steadily toward my goal of 1,000 miles in 2012. I’m trying to front load a little bit in anticipation of not working out 5-6 days a week over Christmas.

Monday: biked for an hour (15 miles), joined my husband for a walk: (3 miles)
Tuesday: speedwork (5 miles)
Wednesday: yoga (no miles but so, so worth the time)
Thursday: run (4 miles)
Friday: I’ll run today, how far will I go? I’m hoping for 6 but we’ll see.
Saturday: Hoping for a walk with my husband or maybe I’ll hop on the bike at the Y?
Sunday: rest (and this week by “rest” I mean host a party all afternoon – I’ll be sure to make up any calories burned this week)
Total to date (not counting Friday or Saturday yet): 942

I am way behind in my Christmas shopping. Usually I take advantage of Thanksgiving weekend sales and I’m 90% done by the Monday after. This year I’m approximately 3% done with my shopping. If I’m not careful, I’m going to have to go to the mall instead of buying nearly everything online. That’s not a good situation for anyone. I hate the mall in July. The mall in December is likely to cause me to go completely berserk.

I am also way behind in Santa visiting. Usually (as in always, every single year) we see Santa the weekend after Thanksgiving. We did not this year and I’m having a heck of a time figuring out just when we are going to see the man in red. This is tied directly to the paragraph above. It’s hard to finish shopping when the kids haven’t made up their minds about wish lists yet. I have two chances to see Santa this weekend but my oldest isn’t available. Is it time to give up my silly notion of taking all three kids for an annual picture with St. Nick?

And now I’m way behind on my morning because I also decided to sync my phone and download the new iTunes while I wrote this blog. Geesh.


3 thoughts on “An update of random

  1. Oh Barb- your life sounds like mine! (esp the weekend part- we have a swim meet at 7am both days and a bball tourney for the other kid this weekend. NOT my dream weekend, although I try remind myself that someday when the weekends are all mine, I’ll miss all this running around with the kids!). You are better organized on meals than me but I’ve been uninspired to do much cooking at all this week. Just feeling “blah” which is not how is seems I should feel weeks before Christmas.
    I did still workout 4 days this week so I’ll focus on that positive!
    Thanks for all your “random”thoughts that were so apt for me this morning.
    Also I hope you will be less confused by the updated ITunes- I updated yest and it took me a good while to figure out where the heck all my podcasts were and how to see them! Look at the tutorial if you are a non-tech person like me!

    1. Oh I feel for you with those swim meets – they suck a weekend right out from under you! Nice to know I’m not alone with my random thoughts 🙂

  2. I grocery shop list make like that too. It made it much easier when I had to send my daughter to the store when I was too sick to move.

    And also, I hate the mall. Always.

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