The elementary school music program

My son’s holiday music program is today. He’s in second grade and I’m sure the concert will be filled with cute songs, at least one song that makes me cringe a bit and a few dance moves. He says he is dreading it but I know that he really likes these things – he was the kid who sang the loudest in preschool after all.

I could have waited until tomorrow to tell you all about it but I figured I might as well tell you today because I’m not going to have any pictures or video to share. Go ahead – yell at your computer screen. What kind of mother doesn’t take video AND pictures of her child performing?!?

This one.

Here’s the thing. The pictures rarely come out. I’ve tried before, even with my fancy camera, and the pictures are usually dark, often blurry. And really how exciting is a picture of my child with his mouth open singing? What about video you say? I’m going to be honest here too – who wants to watch one of these things more than once? Yes, I know someday I will miss having young children. I will freely admit that I will have moments where I even miss all the hectic days and nights that come with three active kids. But even then I can’t imagine I will ever think, “Man, I miss elementary school music programs.” (I’ll even go so far as to say there are many parents with boxes and boxes of video recordings that are never watched again.)

I think cameras, video and otherwise, are great for capturing a few moments of everyday life. They are fun to show how kids look, talk and move – maybe at Christmas, a birthday party, a celebration that shows the children interacting with friends and family… sometimes a special game or performance. But every single time my kid performs??? No thanks.

So I’ll be easy to spot today. I’ll be the mom with nothing in her hands – focusing on the moment with my actual eyes, not through the lens of a camera.


3 thoughts on “The elementary school music program

  1. Sounds perfect – I’ve stopped taking pics and video at a lot of these things too. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, they never turn out. Might as well just enjoy the performances.

  2. Wonderful. I figured this out pretty quickly last year. My photos of Luke didn’t come out, so I started just taking pictures of him before and after the music programs… and enjoyed myself during. This year, he’s yet to have one. I miss them!

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