Twelve Things

As you’ve probably figured out, today is 12-12-12. I know, I know… it’s been silly fun since 01-01-01 but we’re officially out of the nicely sequenced dates after today. At least until the year 3001 but I don’t think I’ll be around then to exclaim about it. So in honor of the twelves, I have a dozen things to share:

1. I love building Legos. It makes me sad that only one of my three kids likes Legos and he doesn’t like to build from the instructions. Lego instructions feed my orderly soul.

2. I bought a set of 10 hot yoga classes a few months ago and have been going just about once a week. Today is my last class and it makes me sad. I can’t really afford to buy another package and it kind of sucks up half my day by the time I get up there, take the class and drive home but I’m really going to miss it.

3. Last week was my highest mileage week of the year. Which just shows how little cycling I did this year. Which further shows that I didn’t get to do any triathlons this year. Boo.

4. I’m working up a list of races that I’d like to do next year. I am planning on focusing on things that are fun instead of pushing myself to a crazy goal. Then again, I’m also thinking about one crazy goal. Who knows where I’ll end up. Any suggestions for me?

5. I still like playing Words With Friends and Draw Something. They are a lovely way for me to start winding down each night. Or to avoid folding laundry… whatever.

6. I’m slowly starting to plan our next family road trip adventure. It’s not nearly the driving extravaganza of this year’s trip but it’s going to be very fun!

7. The light bulb in our garage door opener burned out about six months ago. Every time I leave or drive into the garage I curse the darkness, stub my toe, almost fall down the steps – you know, do everything but change the friggin’ bulb. Last night? I changed the bulb.

8. I printed a coupon for BOGO Blizzards and it expires on Saturday. My kids have been sick so I can’t surprise them with a DQ trip. But my coupon is going to expire in just a few days. This is about to become a serious dilemma. Particularly because I love the December flavor: Candy Cane Chill.

9. Christmas books that you may not, but should have on your shelf: The Legend of the Poinsettia; La Befana; Room for A Little One and Toot & Puddle’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas

10. If you are one of those people that already has your Christmas presents purchased, wrapped and under the tree… we cannot be friends.

11. For an inexplicable reason I have been craving a Quarter Pounder and fries this week.

12. This is one of my new favorite pictures. It’s the Christmas tree at Epcot, and those are my half marathon medals around my neck and that’s my husband who humored me all year and cheered me on at the final half of my personal challenge.



8 thoughts on “Twelve Things

  1. Thanks for your 12 thoughts for the day! You’ve inspired me to plan a few fun holiday “outings” for when our schedule allows over the next 2 wks before Christmas. My kids would go CRAZY if i suprprised them with a trip to DQ for blizzards. Definitely going to do that!Also our area has a local holiday lights display that we haven’t seen yet this year. Tonight after swim practice and soccer training, I’m going to suggest we hit that. Got to get going on the holiday things or the moment will pass! Thanks again for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! Outings don’t have to be far away or take a long time to create memories, do they? Last night I picked up my son from practice and drove a little out of our way to see two streets with lots of holiday lights – it only took an extra 10 minutes but it was great fun for both of us. Have fun with your gang!

  2. This was a great post! I should’ve done something creative like this because I’m a total numbers nerd when it comes to patterns (just don’t ask me to do math).

    We also don’t have a DQ near by, except in the mall, and who wants to go there at this time of year?

  3. #2 – Don’t stop! Buy the 10-pass again but only go every 3-4 weeks.

    #4 – Run to Winnipeg.

    #6 – Can’t wait to hear where your family (and my family) are going this year! Let’s make it 3 straight years!!

    #7 – I changed light bulbs last night too!

    #8 – Two candy cane chills for you.

    #10 – You’re harsh! Good thing I haven’t put my (bought, wrapped) presents under the tree yet!

    #12 – Fabulous picture!

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